Content Delivery Engineer

We are seeking a candidate who can become an in-house specialist that fully understands and manages the mapping of software products to CDN infrastructure. As the member of the Content Delivery team, you will help to ensure the optimal design and scale of the deployment, delivering our products to audiences, with a firm focus on continuous improvement. Your responsibilities will include but not limit to:

What responsibilities will you have?

  • Working with the software developers on new product design, deployment, testing and optimization on a multi-CDN enabled architecture
  • Optimising CDN operation for performance, selection, mapping, resilience and cost management, from delivery at the edge to content origins
  • Implementing CDN’s data collection, analytics, monitoring, storage and reporting systems
  • Working with the relevant IT teams to ensure effective monitoring at an infrastructure and application levels
  • Investigating issues where root cause is unknow and working with the relevant teams for resolution

What skills & experience are we looking for?

  • In-depth experience with a number of the following areas: design, development, scaling and technical management of a Content Delivery Network delivering video and/or web applications
  • In-depth experience with designing, installing, configuring and supporting load balancers specifically F5
  • A flair for scripting/coding to troubleshoot or design automated deployment, configuration and testing of distributed, containerised or discrete systems, collecting data for performance analysis and visualisation across linux-based environments
  • Comprehensive, practical understanding of deploying/operating/troubleshooting web technology stacks, methods and protocols such as IPv4/6, TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP/1.1/2 HTTP protocol, TLS, caching web servers, block/object storage systems, web-scale delivery of audio/video over RTMP, HLS and HDS protocols. Knowledge of newer delivery methods such as WebRTC & QUIC
  • Enjoy presenting your ideas, challenges and solutions to engineers, developers, managers and users of the Content Delivery Platform across the organisation for a wide spectrum of applications.
  • Experience working with, or good understanding of the internet-facing Data Centre
  • Excellent client interfacing skills, strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to work with all levels of management.
  • Experience working with colleagues across different time zones